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Alex Cooper

Head of Delivery, US Automotive

Alex Cooper joined Alfa in 2006 from a humanities background. Based initially at the London HQ, his linguistic ability and love for travel quickly led to international opportunities. Over the next seven years, Alex made his name at Alfa through his work on numerous European systems replacement and business transformation projects, progressing from business analyst to functional lead and then project manager.


While his colleagues at Alfa HQ evolved the technology that drives Alfa Systems into the web-based, cloud-native application of today, Alex was pioneering Alfa’s work in business process optimization, and establishing the methodology for rapid implementation.


Having successfully managed the implementation of Alfa Systems at a large Swedish bank, Alex moved to California in 2013 to lead Alfa’s growth in the US automotive industry. Alex has since managed several of Alfa’s largest projects, driven business development across the Americas, and taken on overall responsibility for the delivery side of the US auto market at Alfa. He is now a Client Account Director and represents the US auto market in Alfa’s Markets & Products group.


Thanks to his experience and passion for innovation, Alex also devised and championed the creation of Alfa Start for US Auto, the pre-configured and pre-documented version of the Alfa Systems platform. Launched in 2020, Alfa Start is as the heart of all of our recent implementations and allows clients to be in live production with Alfa Systems rapidly and at entry-level cost.