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Andrew Coffey

Chief Revenue Officer
Servicing Solutions

A founding member of the Servicing Solutions executive team, Andrew is a highly experienced sales and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Call Center management. He brings a wealth of expertise to our team and has an unparalleled track record of driving revenue growth and building high-performing teams in the BPO industry. 

Andrew plays a critical role in the full lifecycle of our client relationships. From the initial sales and planning process through onboarding and ongoing client strategy and support, he ensures that our clients receive the best possible service and remain satisfied throughout their entire customer journey. His motivating and enthusiastic management style has helped him develop and lead successful sales teams in the BPO industry. 

In addition to his work with clients, Andrew is consistently developing relationships with capital providers and lenders, bringing them together to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships. His ability to build strong partnerships has been instrumental in our growth and success as a company. Prior to joining Servicing Solutions, Andrew held leadership positions at LoanMe Inc., CashCall Inc., Onyx Acceptance, and Downey Savings & Loan. He has built an extensive network of contacts and a reputation as a trusted advisor in the BPO industry. 

As Chief Revenue Officer, Andrew is committed to driving revenue growth and building strong relationships with our clients and partners. His expertise and experience make him an invaluable asset to our team, and we are proud to have him as a key member of our executive leadership.