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Peter Glenn

Founder & Co-CEO
EV Life

Peter Glenn is the Founder, Co-CEO, and Head of Marketing at EV Life, a fintech startup on a mission to accelerate the clean energy transition by making financing an electric vehicle less than gas. 
Peter is a 2x startup founder who brings 20+ years of leadership experience in climate tech, fintech, and high growth startups including Glassdoor and Singularity University.  After earning his MBA at Presidio Graduate School, Peter joined startup Fenix International where he worked with telecoms Vodafone, MTN, and Orange to help pioneer one of the first micro-solar lease platforms on the African continent—making financing solar energy cheaper than fossil fuels.  This invention scaled exponentially to 3M+ users and led to an acquisition by Engie. 
Applying his learnings from Fenix, Peter is passionate about building EV Life’s fintech platform to make financing EVs more affordable than gas vehicles—unlocking EV adoption and decarbonization at massive scale.