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Robert Matt

Finance Director

Robert often wonders how he got so lucky in life after serving as a radioman in the US Navy and leaving in 1993.  First, he started a short lived career in annuity sales, he then went on to retail sales until finally answering an auto sales ad that said, “$2500 per month guaranteed. No experience necessary, training provided.” It was that training that Robert credits for his success in the industry.

Robert joined iMotorsports in 2016, after they acquired the dealership he was working for in St Petersburg, Florida.

In 2018 while working closely with the sales department, Robert took his knowledge of the industry and his knowledge of customers psychology and developed a new sales process eliminating the use of the “4 square.” This sales process increased unit production, front grosses and also ethically increased product penetrations and back grosses. The process also reduces overhead and speeds up the transaction times for customers.