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Robert Matt

Finance Director

Robert is the Director of Finance for iMotorsports, with two stores in Florida and one in Chicago.  He has been with the company since 2016. Prior to iMotorsports, Robert ran finance departments in the auto industry ever since leaving the US Navy in 1993. With 30 years’ experience, Robert brings valuable knowledge to the powersports segment.

He is currently working with iMotorsports and Aftercare, a leader in powersports and tractor industries, to develop a program to share with other dealerships on how to maximize profits, front and back.

The Powersports Finance Summit includes presentations, panels and a workshop on relevant topics and interests, such as opportunities in electric vehicle financing and best practices in risk management, as well as networking opportunities and a chance to learn about the current and future state of the powersports finance industry. 

Register for the Powersports Finance Summit by clicking here.