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Sunil Paul

CEO & Co-Founder
SpringFree EV

Sunil Paul, CEO and co-founder of Spring Free EV (www.springfreeev.com), is at the forefront of revolutionizing electric vehicle financing. By leveraging technology, Spring Free EV provides specialized financial products tailored for high-mileage drivers and small businesses. Their innovative mileage purchase agreement makes electric vehicles accessible for the broader population. 

A seasoned entrepreneur, Sunil has consistently been ahead of the curve. He not only co-founded Sidecar, one of the earliest ridesharing platforms, but also played a pivotal role in incubating carsharing innovator, Getaround. His foresight extends to his investments; he took an early stake in LinkedIn and backed Mosaic, a leader in solar financing. 

Passionate about the environment, Sunil has been a fervent climate investor, activist, and philanthropist since the mid-2000s. With a solid foundation in both the automotive and financial arenas, he brings a unique perspective informed by his varied entrepreneurial journey. As such, he’s become an influential voice on the synergy of sustainability, technology, and finance.