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Matt Dundas

VP of Finance

Matt Dundas serves as Vice President of Finance at Carvana where he leads the company’s vertically integrated auto finance business.

As an early employee at Carvana, Matt played a pivotal role in establishing comprehensive reporting, forecasting, and analytics for the finance program, as well as a lead role establishing early loan sale partnerships and financing facilities. Matt and his team are responsible for managing credit strategy, pricing, underwriting, implementation of new features, and integrating with Carvana’s digital customer experience. In addition to his role in the auto finance space, Matt oversees Carvana’s digital payments team and has played key roles in strategic initiatives including rolling out Same Day Delivery, Carvana’s co-signer product, and process automation.

Matt holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Finance from Arizona State University and resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and family.